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#16 Anglo-Saxon Democracy

by Tony Dyer

A popular misconception amongst the general public is that the Anglo-Saxon period was a low point in the history of what is now England; a short period in which human development made a backward step.

Yet the Anglo-Saxon period, and particularly the period up to about AD800, in fact created a society that, for its time, may well have been amongst the most democratic and civilised of that in Europe, and even beyond.

This pamphlet examines Anglo-Saxon history through the lens of democracy and society.


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Contrary to popular belief, the end of Roman rule in Britain did not see ethnic cleansing and the genocide of the native "Celtic" population by invading Anglo-Saxons. Instead it saw the end of a period of imperialistic colonial rule and a return to a native tradition where justice and common land rights were maintained by the community for the community.

As a result one of the most creative and prosperous societies in Europe was established. This native tradition was, however, to be fatally undermined in the name of protecting the country from an external terror threat, and was finally destroyed by one of the most oppressive and exploitative societies ever seen - The Normans. This is the story of how and why it happened.


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