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Book Launch Drinking Record Smashed

IMG_8066 Above: The publisher and author welcome guests to the launch of Catacombs of Terror!

I can honestly say that I have never seen so much book launch booze consumed as at the Catacombs of Terror! shindig at Jacknife Studios in Bristol. It was a great party and got the book off to a flying start.

Ambrose Blimfield, the original publisher of Catacombs, travelled down from the north of England to be there and was joined by publishing powerhouses Sterling Bland, Richard Scratter and the esteemed author Mr Stanley Donwood. Cases of fine wines and a barrel of cider were guzzled by a select group of guests who included literary agents, artists, and leading literary figures from Bristol and beyond including a passing wordsmith who ventured in and demanded that Tangent Books publish his work but refused to say what it was about.

Well-known thespian Ric Jerrom delivered a spine-tingling reading from Catacombs of Terror! and DJ Spinner spun a delightful collection of mellow jazz and rare grooves.

Mr Donwood's book was extremely well received both for its literary excellence and its beautiful production featuring stunning cover artwork by Chris Hopewell of Jacknife and distinctive red edge colouring.

We've printed a limited edition of 1,000 copies of Catacombs of Terror! and there's a Jacknife cover artwork screenprint edition of just 100 copies which you will find at www.tangentbooks.co.uk.

Richard Jones, Publisher, Tangent Books

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