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To Our Loyal Customers

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Here at Tangent Books we are incredibly thankful to our loyal customers (near and far) who choose to support a local, independent publisher like us by buying directly. It means the world to us that you are willing to spend your hard earned pennies on the books that we publish.

Deliberately and resolutely independent, Tangent Books maintains close relationships with the authors, designers and printers we work with to ensure that everyone involved in the production of one of our volumes gets a fair deal, as well as supporting local, independent business. By buying directly you form an integral part of this community we call publishing!

As a thank you, we'd love to give you 25% off your orders over the next few days. Use TEAMTANGENT at checkout until midnight on Saturday (14th) and enjoy 25% off your whole order!

Happy browsing!


Johanna Darque

Assistant Publisher

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