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Monthly Archives: December 2015

  • *Christmas Lights Update*

    Unfortunately both Louis the Postman and Kylie Minogue were unavailable to do the honours in the Tangent Books Christmas Lights Ceremony. As consolation for this devastating news, here is a picture of the suitably dismal display here at Tangent Books:

    The Tangent Books Christmas Lights 2015! The Tangent Books Christmas Lights 2015!

    Please check out www.tangentbooks.co.uk for the real festive display!

    Johanna Darque

    Assistant Publisher

  • Christmas Starts Here!

    I sense an increasing backlash against Christmas starting after Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Are people genuinely getting a bit brassed off at relentless commercialisation, or have we just paused to steady ourselves for the next wave of Christmas hysteria from Walmart and their fatcat chums?

    At Tangent Books we recognise the importance of Christmas as the time that accounts for about two thirds of annual book sales, but we also respect certain traditions. So, the first Wednesday of December is the date for the Tangent Books Christmas Curry and the day on which we switch on the website Christmas lights.

    We're not doing the curry this year, but we are going for a Chinese meal next week. The lights however, will be switched on today (Weds, Dec 2) in time-honoured fashion. Long-standing visitors to www.tangentbooks.co.uk will know that every year, we invite a celebrity to throw the switch. This year, we asked Kylie Minogue to do the honours, but we never got a reply so instead we're going to see if Louis The Postman can spare a few minutes from his round.

    I've always felt that the Tangent Christmas Lights are a tasteful contribution to the festive season and I generally recommend them as a value-for-money family experience. Why go the expense of traveling into the city centre when you can huddle round the computer screen (perhaps sharing a clementine) and look at the Tangent website?

    I like to think that the Banksy family may have been one of those that have enjoyed the Tangent Christmas display in previous years. In fact, I wonder if the Tangent lights somehow informed his Dismaland adventure. Take a look and you'll see what I mean. www.tangentbooks.co.uk.


    Richard Jones, Publisher

  • Free UK Delivery!

    Hello Tangenteers!

    A friendly reminder that we offer FREE UK delivery on all orders, no matter what you order, when you order.

    Oh Bollocks

    Christmas Delivery Details


    Order before midnight on Friday 18th Dec to receive your order by Christmas!

    For international customers, order before the dates below to get receive your order before Christmas:


    7th December - Eastern Europe

    14th December - Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland

    17th December - France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Switzerland

    Rest of World:

    4th December - Africa, Middle East, Asia, Far East

    8th December - Caribbean, Central & South America

    10th December - Australia, New Zealand

    15th December - Canada, USA, Scandinavia

    Johanna Darque

    Assistant Publisher

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