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Monthly Archives: February 2016

  • Tangent Books at the 6 Music Festival

    We had great fun last week installing an exhibition of photographer Beezer's work in Trinity as part of the 6 Music Festival that took over Bristol this weekend. Below are some of the images of the exhibition, which features The Wild Bunch (before they became Massive Attack) and images of St Pauls Carnival from the 1980s:


    IMG_7075    IMG_7071  IMG_7086image1

    Also, our glorious leader, Richard Jones Esq. was allowed on the radio. Not once, but TWICE.

    Here he is chatting to Stuart Maconie (tune in at 1hr 38, if you're short of time).

    And have a listen to him talking with the lovely Cerys Matthews on Sunday afternoon (1hr 23).


    Johnna Darque, Assistant Publisher

  • Bristol Underground Music Scene

    Bristol's incredible music scene is getting some well-deserved attention what with the BBC 6Music Festival gracing our shores in a couple of weeks. The full lineup is looking good, especially with all the Fringe events taking place all over the city.

    Gilles Peterson of 6Music has made a brilliant documentary, tracing the history of Bristol's underground music scene over the years. Have a listen here.

    We've got the perfect book to go alongside Gilles' documentary, which explores and examines the history of the underground music scene in Bristol:

    Art & Sound of the Bristol Underground.

    Art & Sound | Tangent BooksThis influential book looks at the art and music of the 80s underground scene in Bristol. Influenced by the New York hip hop scene -its DIY ethos, sharp fashion and gang culture- and which seemed a natural successor to the anarcho punk, weird funk and dub reggae mash that had prevailed on Bristol's alternative scene.

    Featuring flyers advertising the secret parties of the Bristol circuit, as well as in-depth interviews with the people behind the leading hip hop crews of the day.




    Our very own Richard Jones is installing an exhibition of Beezer's photography at Trinity Centre, especially for the 6Music Festival. Details here.


    ...And for those visiting our wonderful city for the first time, we've got the ideal companion for your adventures round Bristol:

    The Naked Guide to Bristol

    naked Bristol

    The Naked Guide to Bristol is a witty and informative guide to the sights and sounds of Bristol. Whether you're after a big sight-seeing weekend or out to uncover the secret spots in the city, this guide will have you there in no time.

    Remember, not all guide books are the same...

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