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Bristol's best late-night take-aways #2

In the second of a series of posts, Evie Steen and a team of early-hours connoisseurs bring you the definitive guide to how to satisfy ferocious hunger after a few too many pints…

Slix and Rita’s

Where to find it: 88-91 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3RD (Slix)
94 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3RJ (Rita’s)

Pouring out of Lakota, Love Inn, and Crofters Rights and making their way up Stokes Croft, wobbly club goers part like the red sea onto either side of the road searching for the right food to hit the spot.

Rita’s or Slix? The question that divides us all.

Both places have been around since anyone can remember, feeding the 5,000 chicken and chips in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday morning. Rita’s has more of an expansive menu – you won’t catch a kebab on the menu in Slix - and a man who looks out the window smiling at passersby. But Slix is open until 6am and serves a good portion of fries, so who could really make the decision?

These two places remain the same in the constantly changing area of Stokes Croft. Get your Rita’s T-shirt whilst you tuck into your food and try to drown out the screaming of orders and overpowering chart music once you have managed to perch on one of the two chairs available. It’s all part of the experience. Slix has a bit less of the in-flight entertainment but sometimes all you want is a quick in-and-out transaction.

Needless to say you’ve got all the ingredients of a late-night take-away between these two places – irritating drunk people desperate for their kebab, something greasy and over-priced mayo.

Dennis Kebab

Where to find it: 40 Cannon St, Bristol BS3 1BN, just off the bottom of North Street

What to expect: Well, Bedminster is not the most buzzing area past 2am (unless that desire for a kebab arrives on a Sunday night) so you might struggle to find a place to fill your stomach, but this place satisfies the needs of many before packing up for the night. After the trek from town back to your home turf across the river, reward yourself with a well deserved kebab whilst Dennis makes you feel right at home.

House Speciality: The chicken kebab is notably great.

Diamond Kebab and Pizza

Where to find it: 28 Park St, Bristol BS1 5JA

What to expect: This establishment is for those University of Bristol kids who like to venture further into town for a boogie than the pop-infested Triangle and can’t make it back to the top of the hill for their greasy kebab. It’s even open 24h on a Wednesday, a bit strange, but ideal for those leaving the clubs on the Triangle late on sports society night. Catch a University of Bristol versus UWE scrap outside for entertainment with your meal.

House Speciality: It’s got to be the lamb doner.

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