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Street Art

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  • Politics and Protest New Edition

    New and updated version of Politics and Protest! Packed full of new images, discussion and a glorious redesigned cover

    Don Pedro is an anonymous photographer who roams the streets of Bristol recording how people express their opinions through subverting advertising billboards, writing on walls, producing stickers and putting notes in windows. The billboards of Bristol in particular have long been a playground for a quick-witted group of political activists and anarchists who, under cover of darkness, subvert the corporate messages with their own slogans.

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  • Upfest 2

    Following the success of the original Upfest book, Volume 2 includes the best photography from the 2013, 2015 and 2016 events (there wasn't one in 2014). Plus brilliant archive photography going back to the first Upfest in 2008. Dimensions: 260mm x 260mm, 144pp Learn More

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  • Banksy's Bristol: Home Sweet Home NEW EDITION

    The latest and completely updated edition of Banksy's Bristol now includes a fascinating, in-depth feature on Dismaland, as well as a comprehensive timeline and history of Banksy.

    Banksy's Bristol: Home Sweet Home is the only Banksy book to explore Banksy's formative years in his home town. It contains pictures of his Bristol work which have never been published elsewhere and now the book has been completely updated with extra pages and we've added even more images and information.

    Download the Banksy's Bristol App.

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  • Art & Sound of The Bristol Underground

    Art & Sound of the Bristol Underground takes you back to explore the art and sound of the 80s Bristol underground scene. Influenced by the New York hip hop scene -it's DIY ethos, sharp fashion and gang culture- which seemed the natural successor to the anarcho punk, weird funk and dub reggae mash that had prevailed on the Bristol alternative scene. Learn More

  • Children of the Can: Bristol Graffiti and Street Art

    Children of the Can explores the Bristol street art and graffiti scene with full colour images, featuring more than 80 of Bristol's most prolific street artists and graffiti writers.

    Author Felix 'FLX' Braun started writing graffiti in the mid-80s and grew up with the Bristol scene. He continues to live and paint in the city and has unrivalled access to the artists and their work.

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  • Banksy Myths & Legends Vol. 2

    Another collection of unbelievable and incredible tales are brought to you by Marc Leverton. Featuring tales from Banksy's home town of Bristol and much further afield, this book explores the outrageous, improbable and implausible rumours that surround the anonymous street artist.

    Featuring full colour images of Banksy's works old and new, the new collection of rumours and half-truths in no way will enlighten you on the topic of Banksy fact.

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  • Upfest: The Urban Paint Festival

    Upfest: The Urban Paint Festival charts the history of Upfest from 2008-2012, featuring photographs by Paul Green and words by Jody Thomas this full colour, large format book is filled with local and international street art from all the festivals. Learn More

  • The Banksy Q (Bansky vs Bristol Exhibition)

    Artist Katy Bauer from the People's Republic of Stokes Croft in Bristol handed out 3,500 pieces of card to people queuing for the Banksy vs Bristol Museum show in 2009. She asked them to draw or write something inspired by the queue and here we have more than 100 images by the queue and photography from inside and outside the Banksy show. Learn More

  • See No Evil: The Book

    See No Evil: The Book documents the complete See No Evil street art and graffiti event, including the block party and DJs and features profiles on all the artists and writers that took part. Learn More

  • Banksy Myths & Legends

    Banksy Myths & Legends is a book of tall tales, urban legends and the occasional true story that surround the anonymous street artist.

    Banksy has always been shrouded in mystery and this little black book by Marc Leverton embraces this! Filled with tall tales, urban legends and the occasional truth, this fully illustrated book explores the myths and legends that surround this anonymous street artist.

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