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Let's Have Coffee: The Tao of Ian Holloway

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"Every dog has its day - and today is woof day! Today I just want to bark."The Premier League didn't know what hit it when Blackpool boss Ian Holloway took on the media with his surreal (and often baffling) metaphors and anecdotes after the club's promotion in 2010. Holloway's most enlightened quotes have been collected and presented as a tribute to the modern master of bizarre football expressionism. Through this book, Holloway's students may now understand the 'philosophy' of his teachings.Holloway is a lone voice of wisdom in a mad world of insanity and lies. His earthy homilies have delighted journalists and fans throughout the football world and particularly at his five clubs - Bristol Rovers, QPR, Plymouth, Leicester and Blackpool.To follow the path of Ollie enlightenment, come with us on a journey through the Tao of Ian Holloway."When you play with wingers you look a bit like a taxi with both doors open, anyone can get in or out."


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