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#9 Nicotiana Britannica

by Will Simpson and Jim McNeill

Four centuries ago a group of farmers from the West of England decided to see if they could make a living for themselves by growing tobacco. This put them at odds with the English state and its imperial ambition to build a merchantile economy driven by indentured and slave labour. This is their story of resistance. Fair-trade home-grown tobacco? Put that in yer pipe and smoke it!


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Today tobacco is grown in countries like India, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Belguim and parts of Africa and the United States. Yet the 17th century had its own domestic tobacco industry, when a group of English farmers cultivated the plant on their Cotswold smallholdings. This is the story of how several generations of rebellious smallholders defended their livelihoods, their crops and how, for the best part of a century, they came out on top against the best the English state could throw at them.

Nicotiana Brittanica explores the history of tobacco and the lengths the British tobacco smallholders went to to protect their industry


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